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What prior attendees have said about the Apartment Association's Landlord Bootcamp presented by Attorney Tristan Petitt:

Tristan. Great job with the Boot Camp. Even though this was my eighth boot camp with you, I learn something new every session. Thanks for your time. -- Mike Cerns Hoops Mgt, LLC.

Loved the Boot Camp sat.  Was really terrifically run, packed with content and also avoided taking folks into the weeds.  Like i said during the Q&A, it was like bringing hot cocoa to the eskimos.  - dean f

Thanks for your presentation at the AASEW Bootcamp. It was very well done and informative. I learned a few things and took away some very important "best pratcices". I'm glad I took the day to get that update from you. Have a great 2019! - Jay Smith

I’ve NEVER profited from an eviction. Evictions are the LAST thing a landlord wants. Think about it. Why would anyone choose to spend time on something where they have to pay a lawyer or go to court rather than wait for a check in the mail? Evictions are a good landlord’s nightmare and have cost me multiples of what I would have earned if the tenant would have lived up to their part of the contract. I was lucky, though. I discovered Tristan Petit and he showed me how it was mostly my fault for most of the evictions because I didn’t have a set of rigid qualifications before accepting an application. Meaning, I was accepting tenants on my good “feeling” rather than an objective set of requirements like minimum monthly gross income, no prior evictions, etc. Evictions dropped to almost zero after adopting his advice and attending his Landlord Bootcamp. -- Marc Clingaman

The Spring Landlord Boot Camp was the second for myself & Glen, a co-worker or mine. We enjoyed the day full of new information and the great Boot Camp binder we received. Always nice to go back to it, when you have a question. Attorney Tristan Pettit puts on a great seminar, giving all the newest laws. I also enjoy his hands on approach. Being a landlord himself, he shares the good and then bad things he may be presented with. Always a day full of great learning and information. A valued source of information. - Dawn Black, Greywolf Partners, Inc.

Thank you so much to Atty Petit for doing the landlord boot camp. He takes a subject that could be very dry and makes it interesting and pertinent for the landlord.  He is an expert in the field.  The handout (book) is awesome and a very valuable resource.  All of us in SE WI are very fortunate to have him to learn from and to advocate for us on legislation.  Thank you for your service!

LANDLORD BOOT CAMP presented by Tristan Pettit is "The Aspirin For Your Landlording Headaches". Tristan will help get rid of the your pain by presenting this somewhat-complex-material in his easy to understand presentations. Well worth the cost of admission. -- David Kupse

The 2013 AASEW Landlord Boot Camp was my first.  This was not your grandfather's Boot Camp.  The materials are well organized, thorough and eminently useful reference material beyond the seminar.  The section explaining the new laws are put together concisely.  Given that the law changes are less than a month new, the section is a statement of the groups dedication to providing cutting edge information.

Tristan's presentation format and tempo are spot on.  He adeptly managed the balance between covering material and questions.  His grasp of the business and nuances of tenant management are second to none.  I especially found his experience with the law and the real world application of the law in court to be 'eye opening'.  His presentation is engaging; no one was nodding during the duration of the Boot Camp.

The group as a whole has a strong camaraderie.  There is no lack of 'war' stories to share.  I never felt a sense of competition; rather a common bond to help each other succeed.

The association provided a welcoming venue and an excellent lunch.  I encourage anyone even thinking of owning or operating rentals to take this course. - Jerry C

I found the Landlord Boot Camp to be extremely valuable to me, particularly from a legal standpoint and protecting myself and my business from unnecessary lawsuits.  It incorporated new information on laws that are changing as we speak, as well as existing laws that I was not aware of or needed a refresher on.  It was worth every penny, and even had some humor mixed in with the educational information.  I would recommend that anyone involved in residential leasing take this course. --   Grant Horn

The Landlord Boot Camp was very helpful and informative.  Tristan was very knowledgeable and a valuable source for all current laws and regulations.  I would highly recommend this boot camp to anyone who works in property management.  Thanks again for a great seminar.  - Matt Jung

I enjoyed the AASEW’s class “Landlord Boot Camp 2013” I attended which was presented by Attorney Tristan Pettit.  The time frame was perfect for me; it was a one day overview of landlord/tenant laws and recent changes in the law.  We were provided with a binder with an outline of each topic along with sample forms, which means I can get a refresher at any time.  I felt confident knowing the explanations were coming from an accredited source with Atty. Pettit; who is a landlord himself and a member of the Executive Committee of the AASEW.  I highly recommend the Landlord Boot Camp to any landlord or housing professional that wants to stay current on laws so we are able to conform in our ever-changing industry. - Laurie A. Sell, CPM, ARM Glenco Properties, Inc.

This was my first Boot Camp. Although it was a long day, time just flew by because of all the valuable information that was presented. Whether you are a novice, like me, or a veteran property manager, there is something for everyone at Boot Camp. Tristan is a knowledgeable, personable presenter who makes navigating through all the information interesting and entertaining. - Sue Edson, Property Manager- Sacred Heart Senior Apartments

I have attended many seminars and training sessions in the last 16 years that I have worked in the property management field. On February 23, 2013, I had the opportunity to attend Tristan Pettit's Landlord Boot Camp. This was, without a doubt, one of the best. The information that my staff and I acquired during the boot camp has already been extremely beneficial and been put to good use. Tristan clearly explains in detail the proper procedures and laws governing Landlord-Tenant rules and regulations. It is refreshing to work with an attorney who is familiar with and understands all of the challenges the Landlord faces. I would highly recommend his boot camp to anybody who works in the field of property management here in Wisconsin. - Amber Friend, Director of Property Management-Management Associates, Ltd
Landlord Boot Camp for the first time. The wealth of information provided at the seminar was phenomenal! There was a lot of information to cover, but Tristan kept it on track while still managing to answer questions and share experiences. I feel I am more aware of potential liabilities and more protected from lawsuits just having attended this seminar. If there was any information that I did not fully absorb, I've got the manual that is provided as a reference tool to fall back on. Thanks a bunch! - Derek Weiler, Kroscher Property Management.

After the first time I attended boot camp, I realized what a great educational event it was. Our company decided to have all our multi-family professionals attend as it provides not only a wonderful refresher course but updates on new changes to laws. The binder that's provided is a great tool, loaded with examples, notes and forms. The is a must for anyone that does property management and rents apartments! Our entire group was extremely impressed with the amount everyone learned. - Katy Krueger, V.P. of Multi-Family Management, Colliers International.

We have owned our rental properties for over ten years and in January of 2009 we decided to join the AASEW.  We jumped right in by signing up for the Landlord Boot Camp.  We both learned so much and have had the opportunity to utilize so much of what we learned already.  Tristan is an excellent teacher and the included manual is a wonderful resource. – Steve and Kathy Kinnamon, Woodcreek Apartments, LLC.

I was a member for 6 years and now have come back again. The boot camp was outstanding (I had taken one 6 or 7 yrs ago). I find it amazing how many of my friends run "rentals" without knowing the laws or using proper paperwork. I made a few mistakes in the beginning and luckily never was sued. That's all it took to send me to my first boot camp. Thanks again! - Best Regards, Carolyn

My husband and I currently own 65 units. We have no management company that cares for our apartments. Well, actually we do……us! Dan had handled most of the rentals on his own for quite some time but after I became a full-time mom I decided to help him out.


I signed up for the boot camp to educate myself. I needed to learn everything that Dan knew but didn’t have time to teach since he works full-time too. The seminar was offered at a great price so I jumped on it and I thought the commitment was minimal – a Saturday – I could do that.


The information was detailed and if you had any questions this was the place to ask. Tristan was available to provide a legal angle but fellow landlords could share their personal experiences as well. Our legal obligations as landlords - the whole process from moving a tenant in to moving a tenant out and everything in between was covered. I learned so much about the rental process and more importantly, what we were doing wrong.


The seminar improved the way we handle our business. I was finally in the know and I got to keep the binder with all the info! A Saturday well spent. – Angie Zigich Cornerstone Management Associates LLC

I really enjoyed the class.  The course materials were very helpful.  The location was very convenient.  I learned a lot about screening and evictions.  I would highly recommend the course.  It should be taught to all landlords.  Thanks – Lisa Wolff

Even after 20 years in the Property Management business I continued to learn valuable information by attending your Landlord Boot Camp. The manual is an excellent guide with so many references I don’t know how I did my job without it before. Thanks again for a great course!–Stacy Hegg, Wellston Apartments

The Landlord Boot Camp is a tremendous tool not only for the novice property manager but the seasoned veteran as well. Tristan does a terrific job of keeping the material relevant to the newest trends in landlord-tenant law. An incredibly comprehensive binder is provided with thorough notes and forms. This is a must-attend event for those in our field. Good luck this year,
David Knight Property Manager - Inland Companies, Inc.

Tristan's Landlord Boot Camp is the most thorough presentation of legal issues facing landlords and was the best investment I ever made after buying real estate. Being a landlord can be an expensive legal mine field even if you are a good and honest person. I know from experience that it can cost you tens of thousands of dollars even when you have done nothing wrong. Working with Tristan and attending his Boot Camp took me from being a landlord where I didn't want to rent any units to attracting better and higher paying tenants by establishing concrete and permanent qualifications for every prospective tenant.-Marc Clingaman

We learned so much and are very thankful tor Tristan's willingness to fight for landlords and spend the day teaching us. I have no idea where I would learn most of what was taught, what you offer in boot camp is truly unique! Thank you! - Kathy P

The Landlord Boot Camp was excellent ! The presentation was lively and engaging, and Attorney. Pettit clearly has expert knowledge and a wealth of hands-on experience that he’s enthusiastic to share. The topics covered proceeded logically and were explained thoroughly. The Q &A session after each topic presented was extremely helpful, as was the comprehensive binder provided with the course that contains comprehensive instructions, legal references, and example paperwork. This is easily the best conference you can attend as a landlord or property manager in Wisconsin, and the modest fee was certainly the smartest money I’ve spent on my residential rental business this year.”
– Kurt Coffin, Landlord and owner of Summit Property Management, Sheboygan WI

"You can't afford to miss this opportunity as a property owner!  We are new to the landlord business with only two duplexes.  Attorney Pettit skillfully guides participants through the legalities of renting from screening to evictions. Rental forms are available to purchase and are conveniently packaged for small or large property owners.  Thank you!" - Cindy and David Steinert

While working for a management company, my co-worker and I had the opportunity to go to the Landlord Bootcamp and we both learned a lot. This all-day seminar is great for teaching new employees (my co-worker) and a great refresher for those who have been in the business for a while. Plus things can change--new laws enacted, etc. You have to stay in the loop and Tristan keeps abreast of these changes. He also introduces you to his blog, so you can stay on top of things daily. It's a great class and I highly recommend it. -- Wendy

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